Body Treatments

Mini Body Polish

Head-to-toe body exfoliation, relaxing application of vitamin-enriched body cream.

                    30 minutes - $155

“ The Glam” Body Polish

Invigorating and de-stressing.  Lifts dead cells with Guinot’s sugar kiwi scrub followed by a 50 minute energizing massage with toning oil and relaxing applications of vitamin enriched body cream.                                                                             

                    90 minutes - $275

Seaweed Wrap

The skin is exfoliated and then wrapped in rich active seamud to detox the body with applications of body cream to finish                                           

                    90 minutes - $255


Moisturizing Self-tanning Treatment

Total exfoliated of the body, two coats of Guinot self-tanner and final application of moisturizing cream.    

                    60 minutes - $175

Ear Candling

Ear candling is believed to help relieve earache pain, provide relief from pressure in the sinuses and allow the ear to naturally push out the old ear wax.  Ear candling also improves the clarity of hearing, sight, smell and taste.

                    30 minutes - $85

Aromatic Body Treatment for Cellulite and Detoxing

Excellent treatment of cellulite on legs, buttock and stomach. Includes sculpting massage with Guinot Detoxing oil and a sauna mask.  Recommended in a series of  3 or 6 treatments for best results.

                60 minutes - $255

Body Lush Treatment Hydrating Wrap

Great for shedding dry skin buildup. Skin is first exfoliated then wrapped in a moisture-binding mask and heated with warm blankets. Soft as silk finish.

                    60 minutes - $235